Shops encouraged to stop selling disposable barbecues

  Posted: 03.05.21 at 11:25 by Lottie Welch

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Shops are being urged to stop selling disposable barbecues.

Following last year’s #BBQsBurMoreThanBangers campaign, Litter Free Dorset has launched a new campaign, #ChooseToRemoveDisposableBBQs, and is asking shops across the county to remove disposable barbecues this year.

More than one million disposable barbecues were sold in the UK last year. In May 2020, disposable barbecues burnt down an area the size of more than 200 football pitches in Wareham Forest.

Disposable barbecues are often disposed of inappropriately, sometimes without being put out properly, which frequently results in wildfire with devastating environmental impacts.

In Dorset, there is on average 400 outdoor grass-related fires on heathlands and forests every year. Fires on heathland destroys wildfires, are a risk to the surrounding communities and contribute to climate change.

The #ChooseToRemoveDisposableBBQs campaign is part of Dorset Council’s efforts to reduce wildfire across Dorset. Bans on disposable barbecues and campfires in high risk areas across the county are being looked at by Dorset Council.

A joint campaign with other local authorities, organisations and landowners is being developed to communicate to visitors and residents where they are not allowed to have barbecues and campfires.

Litter Free Dorset is working with a large number of local communities and businesses to ensure the success of this campaign. It has already had conversations with local shops as well as large supermarkets Tesco, Co-op, Waitrose and Sainsburys.

Groves Nurseries stopped selling disposable barbecues last year following the Wareham Forest fire.

Sophie Colley from Litter Free Dorset said: “A huge thank you goes to the businesses that have already taken it upon themselves to stop selling disposable barbecues altogether.

“If you are still selling disposable barbecues, please reconsider removing them and displaying safety messaging next to any other barbecue related items.”

Businesses choosing not to sell disposable barbecues are asked to email [email protected] and download a poster to display. The business will be added to a growing list of others choosing to remove disposable barbecues from sale in Dorset.

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